Sophie has always had a passion for singing, the singing helped her through hard time and sadness in her childhood.


To be on the horseback out in the nature and sing is like being your own therapist

Sophie J

Despite her love towards the music, it wasn´t until the autumn 2012 she visited the studio for the first time. That was the moment she and the producers realized she was in the music-industry to stay. The artist name Sophie J comes from her real name Sophie Jahn.

During the last 3 years Sophie J has focused on writing lyrics, singing and create new materials. Nevertheless, she has performed at different corporate events as well as a big charity event in Kungsträdgården, in the middle of Stockholm.


The first song, Unstoppable, has been a frequent played hit at dance floors and by DJ´s around Sweden. The next big project for Sophie J is to follow the tour of Miss Universe Sweden. She will perform as the artist at 15 different cities all around Sweden and the big final will be at one of the most famous nightclubs in Stockholm,
Café Opera on the 19´th of July!

If you would like to hear Sophie J and her new singel ”Breakout” lookout for her tour-schedule and make sure to turn up at spot either in malls or the nightclub in your town.